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. . . . . Plastic bottles can be used for many DIY ideas, from making garden decorations, and brooms to ottoman seats. Its resilient, flexible, transparent and food -safe qualities allow us to creatively re-use them for many purposes. So many, that we've decided to create a whole post dedicated to plastic bottle recycling and upcycling ideas. . .

. . . . . Buckminsterfullerene, buckyballs, or C60 is a powerful antioxidant that has effects on unsaturated fats. it removes superoxide, which is a toxic by-product of cellular metabolism that contributes to tissue injury in many human diseases [ 1 ]. A review of scientific research concluded that C60 early research holds some promise. ESS60 - The Super-Antioxidant As you can see, it's a symmetrical molecule, a 60-atom carbon Buckminsterfullerene, often called C60. The 2012 landmark C60 study that put it on the anti-aging map was done at the University of Paris. .

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